She’s so good lookin’ when she is cookin’

A while ago I bought one of those do-thingies – actually, I think they’re called docking stations – for my iPhone, which now enables me to listen to Pandora when I’m in the kitchen.

So, while I’m mixing or kneading or frying or frosting or sprinkling or sauteing, I can also enjoy some great music, which makes cooking even more fun. I have several Pandora channels, but the one that seems most conducive to cooking – at least to me – is the Ray Charles channel.

There’s something so empowering about listening to Aretha Franklin while making dinner:

And there’s something so fun about listening to Harry Belafonte jumping in the line, or Sam Cooke twistin’ the night away or Rosemary Clooney doing the mambo Italiano.

But, as much as I love to cook while Sam Cooke and Ray Charles and Otis Redding and Nina Simone and Marvin Gaye sing, I have found the ultimate song to cook to. Truly, the best song. It made me laugh out loud. with lines like, “She’s so good lookin’ when she is cookin’. What a beautiful sight among the pots and pans.”

This gem comes from Lou Monte:

What do you listen to in the kitchen?


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