Are you in a food rut? Try this chicken dish.

I hate that place, but we all get there. We come home from work, stand in front of the refrigerator and think or say, “What the hell am I going to make for dinner?”

As much as I love to cook, I find myself rutted occasionally, particularly when I’m trying to find something delicious to make on a weeknight that won’t take forever to cook. (I’m usually ravenous by the time I get home, so I don’t want to wait until 8 o’clock to eat.)

And magically, the Food Gods parted the clouds, and I found a great recipe from Food Lust People Love blog: Pan-fried chicken with bacon and asparagus.


It was perfect for dinner because:

  • It was de-freakin’-licious.
  • My husband loved it, too.
  • It didn’t take long to make.
  • It was easy to prepare. I could have done it with one hand tied behind my back.
  • It didn’t require funky ingredients that I don’t normally have in my kitchen.
  • There was bacon (I heart bacon) in it.

Recipe full disclosure: My husband doesn’t like olives, so I left them out.

If you try it, let me know how it turned out for you.


3 thoughts on “Are you in a food rut? Try this chicken dish.

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