It’s the best cake ever – that’s what he said

Last month, my husband — He Who Must Be Fed — spent a week out of town for work. I missed him, so I wanted to have a special treat waiting for him when he got home to show him how much. After cooking for him for almost 28 years (doesn’t that mean I get some sort of prize?) I have a good idea of what he’ll like and what he won’t.

When my friend, Paul, posted on Facebook  a recipe for pumpkin dream cake with pumpkin spice brown butter frosting, I knew I had found the recipe (because my husband’s middle name is Brown Butter).

He was barely in the door before I presented him with The Cake. GreatCakePhoto

Now, remember when I wrote that I have been cooking for him for almost 28 years? Well, my friend, that means a lot of cake has passed through my hands and into his face.

But when he tried this one, he said, and I’m cleaning up his language, “That’s the best (%$#*&) cake you’ve ever made me.”

Best. Cake. Ever. Yep, that’s what he said.

Try it yourself, and let me know how it turned out.

Recipe full disclosure: I only put the cake in the freezer for 30 minutes, and it turned out just fine.

8 thoughts on “It’s the best cake ever – that’s what he said

    • Dan,
      Hi. I haven’t tried the other frosting recipe. Honestly, I’m afraid to since this frosting recipe has been such a hit. If you make it, make sure you scrape the little brown bits from the browned butter at the bottom of your saucepan into your bowl. Those brown bits give the frosting a richer, deeper flavor.

  1. First off – love, lovr, LOVE your blog! Everything about it is just fantastic. Personal, but to the point! Great idea on the full disclosure! (Apparently, this comment is not to the point!) Secondly – if your hubby loves brown butter – have I got the most perfect cookie recipe for you! Brown butter oatmeal chocolate chunk cookies from How Sweet It Is! They have been my go-to cookie lately. So delicious and so easy!

    • Annie,
      Hi, doll. How’s the adorable daughter of yours?
      I’m so glad you like the blog. It’s been really fun so far.
      And, thanks for sharing the recipe. I will definitely try it out. I think I could put brown butter on broccoli, and Dom would eat it.

  2. Hello! My baby girl is doing good! I want to try some of these recipes for her, too!! Think she will like them! Let me know what you (and your hubby!) think of the cookies!

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